Buying a Telescope or Binoculars to Look at Stars or Planets

I was doing a bit of research because I initially wanted to buy a telescope to look at the stars or planets.  Entry-level telescopes seemed to be reasonably priced.  However, if I wanted to take pictures to perform astrophotography, it actually started to get really expensive.  I was also reading that sometimes, it’s quite difficult to set up your telescope properly.  Also, it requires experience to be able to find the stars or planets that you’re looking for.  For anyone interested, below is a video on how to set up a telescope:

Since telescopes were so complicated, I decided to look into a pair of binoculars.  I actually tried to look through a few binoculars during the daytime at a store, and they seem to be relatively easy to use, as you can use both eyes to view through them, unlike a telescope you where you can only view through it with one eye.   The main point when choosing good binoculars for astronomy is that the diameter of the binocular lens divided by the magnification must be 5 or greater.  For example, 7x 50 mm or 10x 50 mm binoculars would work well for night time use.  The ratio is important because it is important to allow enough light to reach your eyes since stars can be quite dim.  Unfortunately, I was not able to find binoculars with that ratio where I could also take pictures for astrophotography, which is what I am interested in perhaps doing.

I also tried just to point my camcorder at a clear night sky, but I could not really find any objects.  Perhaps the resolution for a camcorder does not work too well for astronomy.

My plan is to wait a while for now and perhaps they may come out with better telescopes or binoculars in the future.  I will just check out pictures online or from books and see what other photographs other people or organizations have taken.