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Cosmos Sagan Video Review

The video, Cosmos: A Personal Journey by Carl Sagan, originally filmed in 1980 is one of the best introductions to the world and the universe. It is currently available as a DVD set, and is highly recommended watching for just about anyone. You can find a good review of this astronomy video about the universe [...]

Astronomy Posters and Space Posters from Hubble and other Telescopes

I was thinking that an interesting idea would be to obtain a collection of some astronomy images from astrophotography of space and the universe obtained with the Hubble telescope and other telescopes. One way to do this that I thought of would be to buy astronomy and space posters, and then post those posters in [...]

Buying a Telescope or Binoculars to Look at Stars or Planets

I was doing a bit of research because I initially wanted to buy a telescope to look at the stars or planets.  Entry-level telescopes seemed to be reasonably priced.  However, if I wanted to take pictures to perform astrophotography, it actually started to get really expensive.  I was also reading that sometimes, it’s quite difficult [...]